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How much do you know about the jaw plate material of the jaw crusher?

2023-06-12 16:19:49

How much do you know about the jaw plate material of the jaw crusher?

The upper part of the movable jaw plate of the jaw crusher is connected with the eccentric shaft, the lower part is supported by the thrust plate, and the fixed jaw plate is fixed on the frame. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the movable jaw plate mainly bears the extrusion action of the material, while the fixed jaw plate mainly bears the sliding cutting action of the material. As a part with high wear rate of jaw crusher, the choice of jaw plate material is related to the cost and benefit of the user.


High manganese steel

High manganese steel is the traditional material of the jaw plate of the jaw crusher, which has a good ability to resist impact loads. However, due to the structure of the crusher, the opening angle between the movable and fixed jaws is too large, which is easy to cause the abrasive to slide. Insufficient hardening causes the surface hardness of the jaw plate to be low, and the abrasive material cuts in a short distance, and the jaw plate wears quickly.


In order to improve the service life of the jaw plate, a variety of jaw plate materials have been developed, such as adding Cr, Mo, W, Ti, V, Nb and other elements to modify high manganese steel, and to carry out dispersion strengthening treatment on high manganese steel. Improve its initial hardness and yield strength. In addition, medium-manganese steel, low-alloy steel, high-chromium cast iron and high-manganese steel composites have also been developed, all of which have achieved good results in production.

Medium manganese steel

Medium manganese steel was first invented by Climax Molybdenum Co., Ltd., and was officially included in the US patent in 1963. The hardening mechanism is as follows: when the manganese content decreases, the stability of austenite decreases. When subjected to impact or wear, austenite is prone to deformation and induces martensitic transformation, thereby improving its wear resistance. Common composition (%) of medium manganese steel: 0.7-1.2C, 6-9Mn, 0.5-0.8Si, 1-2Cr and other trace elements V, Ti, Nb, rare earth, etc. The actual service life of medium manganese steel jaw plate can be increased by more than 20% compared with high manganese steel, and the cost is equivalent to high manganese steel.

High chromium cast iron

Although high chromium cast iron has high wear resistance, but because of its poor toughness, using high chromium cast iron as jaw plate may not necessarily achieve good results. In recent years, high chromium cast iron has been used to inlay or bond high-manganese steel jaw plates to form complex jaw plates. The relative wear resistance is more than 3 times, which significantly improves the service life of the jaw plates. This is also an effective way to improve the service life of the jaw plate, but its manufacturing process is more complicated, so it is more difficult to manufacture.

Medium carbon low alloy cast steel

Medium-carbon low-alloy cast steel is also a widely used wear-resistant material. Due to its high hardness (≥45HRC) and appropriate toughness (≥15J/cm²), it can resist the cutting of materials and repeated extrusion. Fatigue spalling, thus exhibiting good wear resistance. At the same time, the medium-carbon low-alloy cast steel can also adjust the composition and heat treatment process to change the hardness and toughness in a wide range to meet the requirements of different working conditions. The production and operation test shows that the service life of the general medium-carbon low-alloy steel jaw plate can be increased by more than 3 times than that of high-manganese steel.

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