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Don’t know how to choose a belt conveyor cleaner?

2023-06-12 16:32:08

Don’t know how to choose a belt conveyor cleaner?

The cleaner plays a role that cannot be ignored on the conveyor. It can promptly and quickly remove the residual material sticking to the conveyor belt, preventing it from being brought back to the return branch, causing fouling on the surface-increasing roller and the return roller, and causing belt wear. , running deviation, etc., and also avoid the danger of casualties caused by artificial removal of attachments. This article analyzes belt conveyor cleaners with different structures in order to facilitate correct and appropriate selection.

1. Scraper cleaner

The scraper cleaner uses the gravity of the counterweight or the elastic force of the arm frame to make the scraper fixed on the arm frame closely contact with the working surface of the conveyor belt to remove the residual materials on it. According to the number of scrapers, it can be divided into single-piece, double-piece and multi-piece scrapers. Scraper materials include rubber, hard alloy, ceramics, etc.


The scraper cleaner has a simple structure, easy replacement of the scraper, and better cleaning effect. It is generally installed at the discharge drum to clean the materials adhered to the conveyor belt. It is suitable for cleaning the conveyor belt with vulcanized joints.

2. Rotary cleaner

The rotary cleaner is composed of an independently driven main shaft and a bristle brush or scraper mounted on it. The bristle brush is made of nylon, etc., and the scraper is made of rubber plate or hard alloy.

The high-speed rotation direction of the rotary cleaner is opposite to the running direction of the conveyor belt (the linear speed of the brush or scraper is not lower than 10m/s). In addition to directly cleaning the conveyor belt, the brush or scraper also has a A low pressure zone is created in the front for enhanced sweeping effect.

This kind of cleaner is often installed at the head and tail rollers of the conveyor to clean powdery and granular materials.


3. Vibrating cleaner

The vibrating cleaner is often installed on the return branch of the conveyor. It is suitable for belt conveyors with various conveyor belt joints and can clean viscous materials. A vibrating cleaning device consisting of several idler rollers arranged alternately, many steel rods with the same length as the idler rollers are evenly welded along the circumference of the idler rollers. materials.

Another cleaning device with vibration has adjustable vibration frequency and better cleaning effect. In order to achieve a good effect, the frequency is controlled at the natural frequency of the conveyor belt in the cleaned section.

4. Spiral cleaner

The spiral cleaner uses the rotation of the rolling body to continuously change the orientation of the helix relative to the conveyor belt to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The cleaner has a strong removal ability and can remove materials on the conveyor belt in harsh environments.

5. Brush cleaner

The brush cleaner uses the brush movement to clean the residual material on the conveyor belt.

The brush of the cylindrical brush cleaner is made of nylon, installed under the roller, and can be dragged by the roller (or independently), and the pressure of the brush on the conveyor belt can be adjusted by moving the position of the weight. This cleaner is suitable for Cleaning of dry powder materials.

Wet track brush cleaners are suitable for sweeping in wet and sewage-capable conditions.

Conveyor-type brush cleaner is composed of driving device, brush head, tail roller, intermediate pressure roller, etc., and cleans the conveyor belt horizontally to facilitate the removal of cleaning objects.


6.empty section cleaner

During the process of conveying materials on the conveyor belt, it is inevitable that the material will be scattered due to the deviation of the conveyor belt, so that the material will fall on the return section of the conveyor belt.


The empty section cleaner is often installed on the upper side of the return branch conveyor belt, close to the tail roller, to clean up the materials spilled on the return branch conveyor belt, to prevent the material from being caught between the conveyor belt and the tail roller, damaging the roller and the conveyor belt, and affecting normal operation of the conveyor.

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