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Type:Diesel-powered generator application: mining or construction machinery.

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All major components of Cummins generator sets - the engine, alternator, and controls - are manufactured, tested, and serviced by Cummins. This integrated approach ensures every solution is:

Reliable: designed for upmost dependability

Compact: the right power, the right size, without compromise.

Technologically Advanced: engineered with sustainability and low emissions in mind.

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A digital display that shows the generator's current output, voltage, frequency, and other important parameters.

An alarm system that alerts and notifies you of potential problems.

A remote start/stop feature that allows you to start and stop your generator from anywhere.

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1.Diesel GeneratorTechnical Parameters
Unit model HY-C700
Power (KVA) 700
Rated voltage (v) 440
Rated current (A) 918
Rated frequency (Hz) 60
Rated speedr/min 1800
Speed control system Electronic speed
Power factor 0.8
No-load voltage distortion (≤%) 3%
Steady-state voltage deviation (≤%) 0.5%
Transient voltage deviation (≤%) +20% ~ -15%
Voltage stabilization time (s) 1.0S
Voltage regulation (≤%) 0.25%
Frequency drop (≤%) 3%
Transient frequency deviation (≤%) +10% ~ -7%
Frequency recovery time (s) 1S
Steady-state frequency (≤%) 0.25%
Alarm temperature 95℃
Shut down temperature 102℃
Standard atmospheric conditions GB1105, ISO3046
Atmospheric pressure 100Kpa (altitude 400m)
Ambient temperature (℃) 40
Relative humidity (%) 60
Noise dB(A) (distance 7m from the Generator) 105
Unit size 3700×1550×2100
Unit weight 4850
2.Engine parameters
Engine model KTAA19-G6A
Manufacturer Chong qing  Cummins
Cylinder 6
Type of work Four-stroke, water cooled, turbocharged, D24V electric start
Cylinder diameter 159(mm)
Stroke 159(mm)
Compression ratio 13.9:1
Total displacement 19L
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Maximum allowable exhaust back-pressure 10KPa
Maximum allowable inlet pressure 6.23KPa
Coolant capacity 117 L
Thermostat opening temperature 82-93℃
The highest temperature of cooling water 96℃
Permissible water tank at the top of the highest temperature 104℃
Tank top of minimum temperature 71℃
Engine oil pressure Idle speed 138kPa
Rated speed 345kPa-483kPa
The maximum allowable oil temperature 121℃
The biggest oil consumption ≤4g/Kw.h
The total capacity of the system 50L
Oil pan to allow the tilt angle 30°
Fuel injection system PT Di PT system
Engine idle speed 725r/min-775r/min
Engine speed 1800r/min
Total output power 664KW
3.Generator Parameters
Modle HY700-14
Manufacturer YangZhou  HengYuan
Frequency Hz 60
Reated capacity S 750KVA
Reated power P 600KW
Voltage U 440V
Waveform : THD <2%
Winding pitch 2/3
Voltage regulation +/- 1%
Duty S1
Number of poles 4
Class of insulation H
Class of temperature rise H
Altitude ≤1000m
Rated power factor 0.8
Excitation Brushless
Overload % 110% rated load for 1 hour
Ambient temperature 40℃
Degree of protection / enclosure IP23
Directors models HGM6110
Manufacturer SMARTGEN
LED display parameters:
Generator parameters: Phase voltage, Three-phase current, Frequency, used power and reactive power, Power factor, Power factor, Apparent power, Running time, Start times
The active and reactive power meter, Next overhaul time, Engine speed, water temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage
Generator automatically shuts down: Low oil pressure, high water temperature, overspeed, overclocked, failed to start, over current, over load, voltage too high or too low,Reverse power protection shut down
Main features: Voltage unbalance, current imbalance, reverse power protection shut down
Compact, powerful, easy to operate with a generator set control parameters of protection, display and status monitoring capabilities;
Communicate port RS485
Full English operation interface
Free English PC software
Historical events (total 100), easy to maintain
Parameter modifies the authorization control (set 3 passwords), easy to manage

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