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What secondary crushing equipment is suitable for the 57 jaw crusher?

2022-11-30 10:24:49

What secondary crushing equipment is suitable for the 57 jaw crusher?

In stone production, whether the production line configuration is reasonable or not is related to the production income, and the configuration of the production line not only involves the selection of equipment types, but also involves whether the direct collocation of different types of equipment is reasonable. If the matching between equipment is not reasonable, then the production line cannot be coordinated. Here is to introduce, in the production of stones, what type of secondary breaker can be matched with the 57 jaw crusher to better complete the production of stones.


1. The PF-1210 impact crusher matches the 57 jaw crusher

PF-1210 impact crusher capacity: 70-130 tons/hour, feed particle size 350mm. It can be seen that after the stone is crushed by the 57 jaw crusher, it can be directly added to the PF-1210 impact crushing equipment for secondary crushing. The machine can effectively reduce stone friction during production, so the finished product has less stone powder content, good stone particle size, and clear particle size;

2. DP100 single-cylinder cone crusher matches 57 jaw crusher

DP100 single-cylinder cone crusher is one of the common secondary crushing equipment, with a processing capacity of 70-170 tons per hour. In production, the machine uses a single hydraulic cylinder to operate, and at the same time has hydraulic protection and laminated crushing methods, so that the finished stones have uniform particle size and good particle shape;

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