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What kind of crusher has the function of shaping, and the stones produced are in good shape?

2022-09-19 10:57:47

What kind of crusher has the function of shaping, and the stones produced are in good shape?

1. Impact crusher

Why can the impact crusher make the aggregate produced in a good shape? Then we have to analyze the factors that affect the grain shape of sand and gravel aggregate. In the production of sand and gravel aggregate, the number of collisions and the angle of collision of the stone determine whether the final grain shape is good. So as long as we grasp the collision angle and the number of collisions, the natural rules of the coarse aggregate come out. The impact crusher is just a reasonable combination of these two factors, so it is not surprising that it can produce a good finished aggregate product. There are two-chamber impact crusher and three-chamber impact crusher in impact crusher. Obviously, the three-chamber impact crusher has a better aggregate size because of the number of collisions.

2. Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher uses high-speed impact energy to break. The linear speed of the hammer around the impeller can reach 70-80m/s, while the linear speed of the blow bar is only 35m/s. Therefore, the crushing force is still stronger than the impact crusher. The working principle of the VSI crusher is the combination of stone hitting stone and stone hitting iron. During the crushing process, the material is impacted and rubbed from all angles, so the particle shape is very good. However, the disadvantages of VSI impact crusher are also obvious. The feeding and discharging are too small. Generally, it is not allowed to feed more than 60mm. If the sand is made, it may be controlled below 40mm, and the feed should be as small as possible to improve efficiency and save money & energy. Therefore, the production line also needs to be equipped with a jaw crusher, an impact crusher or a cone crusher to work with the VSI crusher.

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