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Scheme design of combined crushing and screening equipment

2022-09-09 17:39:27

Scheme design of combined crushing and screening equipment

~Equipment selection design

There are three main types of combined crushing and screening equipment: stationary, semi-mobile and mobile. The mobile crushing station is divided into tire type and self-propelled type according to the way of movement. These three types can be used completely independently or mixed. For example, the primary crushing unit is mobile, which is convenient for multiple ore sources to be crushed nearby, and then transported to a fixed location by a belt conveyor, while the secondary, tertiary and screening units are fixed. Which type of sand and gravel yard adopts should be determined according to the frequency of equipment movement during the operation of the sand and gravel yard. The equipment does not need to be relocated. The fixed type is used. It may be relocated once in a few years. The semi-mobile type may be used, and the tire mobile type may be used for several relocations within a year. If the movement is particularly frequent, the self-propelled type can be used.

~Process design

Under the condition that the requirements of the system feed and the final finished material are very clear, the process route to realize crushing and screening can be multi-plan, and the equipment selected for different plans will be different, so the initial investment cost and future operation cost of plan implementation will also be different. It will be different, the designer, investor and operator must fully discuss, be realistic, weigh the pros and cons to determine the best process plan. The design of the technological process should be based on the calculation of classification, crushing and screening. The process design determines the number and selection of host equipment, and the process design should follow the design guidelines described below.

~Layout Design

The operation and maintenance of the machine, the operation position and the connection of the electric control are convenient. After the layout design is completed, preliminarily determine all equipment, including transportation equipment, storage equipment, and electrical controls; (2) Under the condition of smooth material flow, set as few and short belt conveyors as possible; (3) Raw materials The distance between the mine and the feeding port of the production line, the site of the feeding port and the height of the drop, the equipment layout site, the stockyard and the material output method; (4) The design of the intermediate stockyard and the finished stockyard that meets the requirements of operation and product transportation, and makes full use of site.

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