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Tips on Jaw Crusher’s Regular Maintenance

2022-12-30 17:53:52

Tips on Jaw Crusher’s Regular Maintenance

The equipment performance of the jaw crusher has been continuously optimized to adapt to the use under various complex and unfavorable conditions, but no matter what the equipment is, it must be maintained during use.

1. Precautions for use:

The equipment must be inspected before starting. Check the wear of the crushing tooth plate; adjust the size of the ore discharge port; check whether there is ore in the crushing chamber, if there is a large piece of ore, it must be taken out; check whether the connecting bolts are loose, whether the protective cover of the pulley and flywheel is intact, the V-belt and Whether the tightness of the rod spring is appropriate, whether the electrical equipment and signal system are normal, etc.

2. Maintenance:

①Lubrication. During the production and operation of jaw crushers, attention should be paid to the lubrication of the equipment, just like people need face cream and hand cream. Only by maintaining nourishment and lubrication can they be in good condition. Generally, the lubricating grease added to the bearing seat of the jaw crusher is about 50% of its space volume, and it is replaced every 3-6 months. An appropriate amount of grease should also be injected between the toggle plate and the toggle seat.

② Dust removal, a large amount of dust will be generated during the production process of the jaw crusher, which will cause greater pollution. With the tightening of environmental protection policies in recent years, dust removal is an indispensable link. We can do it for different situations.

Jaw crushing is the first step of crushing. The production of jaw crushing is directly related to the downstream secondary and fine crushing. It is very important to choose the right equipment, and the necessary maintenance during use is also indispensable, so that the operation can be stable and long-term.

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