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The difference between ordinary jaw crusher and European version jaw crusher

2022-02-26 15:04:51

The difference between ordinary jaw crusher and European version jaw crusher

Both the ordinary jaw crusher and the European version are a kind of compound pendulum jaw crusher. The former was developed earlier and is widely used in the domestic market because of its simple structure and relatively low price. The latter is popular because of its convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

1.crushing cavity:

Ordinary jaw crusher: half V-shaped crushing cavity

European version of jaw crusher: V-shaped crushing cavity

2. Lubrication device

Ordinary jaw crusher: manual lubrication

European version of jaw crusher: centralized hydraulic lubrication

The centralized hydraulic lubrication device is the standard configuration of the European version of the jaw crusher, which can make the bearing lubrication more convenient and efficient.

3. Adjustment method

Ordinary jaw crusher: shim adjustment

European version of jaw crusher: wedge adjustment

Ordinary jaw crusher puts a set of gaskets of equal thickness between the adjustment seat and the rear wall of the frame, and increases or decreases the number of gasket layers to reduce or increase the ore discharge port of the crusher. This method can be adjusted in multiple levels, the structure of the machine is relatively compact, and the weight of the equipment is reduced, but it must be stopped when adjusting.

The European version of the jaw crusher adopts the wedge adjustment, and the adjustment of the discharge port of the crusher is realized by the relative movement of the two wedges between the adjustment seat and the rear wall of the frame. The front wedge can move forward and backward, and it is integrated with the toggle plate seat to form an adjustment seat; the rear wedge is an adjustment wedge, which can move up and down, the inclined surfaces of the two wedges are inversely attached, and the rear wedge is moved up and down by the screw to adjust the outlet. size.

This method can achieve stepless adjustment, is convenient to adjust, saves time, does not need to stop, is simple, safe, convenient, intelligent, and has high efficiency.

4. Bearing seat fixing method

Ordinary jaw crusher: welding, the connection between the bearing seat and the frame is welding, and the service life is short.

European version of jaw crusher: The bolts and the bearing seat have an integral cast steel structure, which is connected with the frame with bolts to ensure the complete cooperation of the two, greatly enhancing the radial strength of the bearing seat and prolonging the service life.

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