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River sand and machine-made sand

2022-04-08 14:04:39

River sand and machine-made sand

River sand is cement standard sand, which is mostly used in construction, concrete, cementitious materials, road construction materials, artificial marble, and cement physical property testing materials (ie cement standard sand). River sand can also be used in foundry, forging machine, metallurgy, heat treatment, steel structure, frame structure, container, ship, repair, bridge, mine, etc. Additives to materials to increase their wear resistance, high temperature resistance, erosion resistance, electrostatic shielding, radiation protection, oil well filter tanks, counterweights, etc.

Machine-made sand is the most popular source of sand and gravel today. Machine-made sand is an aggregate produced through centralized crushing equipment. For example, through the combined operation of jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact sand making machine, machine-made sand under 6mm can be produced, and the raw materials can come from river pebbles, mountain stones, quartz, granite, basalt, etc. Machine-made sand has low roundness and large edges and corners. At present, it is widely used in the sand and gravel aggregate market, effectively replacing river sand as the main source of sand and gravel. At present, the projects with large demand for sand and gravel include subway project construction, infrastructure construction such as libraries, parks, viaducts, squares, gymnasiums, reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, highways, railways, bridges, etc. In the industries involved in sand, machine-made sand can be used in these places.

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