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Precautions for starting the crushing production line

2023-03-20 13:40:18

Precautions for starting the crushing production line

After the crushing production line equipment is ready for work, it should be operated according to the prescribed start-up sequence, and the following five aspects need to be paid attention to:

1. When starting the main motor, pay attention to the ammeter on the control cabinet. After 30-40s of starting peak current, the current will drop to the normal working current value.

2. During normal operation, it should also be noted that the current should not exceed the specified value for a long time.

3. After the jaw crusher operates normally, the feeder can be started, and according to the size of the material block and the operation of the jaw crusher, adjust the belt of the feeder to change the feeding amount. Usually, the material accumulation height in the crushing chamber is more than 2/3 of the height of the crushing chamber. The diameter of the material block should not exceed 50%-60% of the width of the feed port, and the production capacity of the jaw crusher is higher at this time. When the material block is larger, it will cause blockage and affect normal production.

4. It is necessary to strictly prevent metal objects (such as shovel teeth, track shoes, drill bits, etc.) The secondary crusher system caused the accident.

5.When the electrical equipment trips automatically, if the reason is unknown, it is strictly forbidden to forcibly start the crushing equipment continuously.

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