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What problems should be paid attention to when configuring a reasonable gravel production line?

2023-04-03 14:42:00

What problems should be paid attention to when configuring a reasonable gravel production line?

A scientific and reasonable quarry stone production line configuration can not only improve the production efficiency of the equipment, but also help customers recover costs quickly, so a reasonable and high-yield stone production line is very important. Based on this, the problem is how to realize the reasonable and scientific ratio of quarry stone production line.

What problems need to be paid attention to when reasonably configuring the stone production line.

1. Raw materials.

Hardness, mud content, water content, silicon content, crushing work indicators.

2. Raw material size.

The particle size of the raw material entering the primary crushing.

3. Specifications, proportions, uses, etc. finished aggregate.

Different crushing equipment has different crushing effects, so it is necessary to make reasonable selection according to the actual production needs of users.

4. Output.

Only when the hourly output is accurate can we accurately select the production line.

5. The equipment configured on the production line matches the front and back.

(1) Whether the particle size of the crushed material in the previous stage meets the feed particle size of the crushing equipment in the next stage.

(2) On the premise of satisfying the broken particle size, whether the throughput is consistent.

(3)Whether the conveyor belt matches the electric control system.

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