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The role of the ball mill steel ball in the mining processing

2023-08-07 17:15:41

The role of the ball mill steel ball in the mining processing


The grinding work is inseparable from the grinding medium. The grinding medium of the ball mill is steel ball. We say that the ball mill steel ball is both an executor of the grinding operation and the energy transmitter. Sinosteel consumption and energy consumption. Here is the effect of counting the steel balls in the grinding.

The ball mill steel ball plays an energy medium during the abrasive, and determines the occurrence of crushing behavior.

Mining is a process of decreased particle size and increasing surface area. According to the principle of thermodynamics, the increase in surface area is the process of increasing internal capacity, which cannot occur spontaneously. It must be achieved by the outside world to do the ore. In other words, the grinding process is a function of the function of the function, that is, the grinding machine work on the ore, so that the ore can increase the transformation, and the deformation reaches the limit and the fragmented image occurs. When the ore is crushed, a part of the energy accepted by the ore is converted into the new surface energy of the ore grain, and most of them can lose the medium space in the form of heat and sound. The grinding machine must be achieved for ore work and enabled ore to obtain energy. It is achieved by a crushing medium of the energy medium. Therefore, the crushing medium, that is, the steel ball plays the role of energy transmission. If the energy passed by the steel ball is insufficient, the ore can only be deformed. After the broken force is revoked, the ore is restored, and the broken behavior cannot occur. As a result, steel balls determine the occurrence of broken behavior.

As the implementation of the crushing behavior, the ball mill steel ball determines the quality of the abrasive products.

Ore is a collection of a variety of minerals. The difference between the binding force between mineral crystals and crystals determines the unevenness of the ore nature. According to the determination of the National Mining Bureau, the binding force on the crystal surface is only the binding force in the crystal surface. 75%, and the binding force on the interface of different mineral crystals is weaker than the combination of the same type of mineral crystal. Due to the degree of mining nature, it also determines that the ore is different when the ore is subject to external force.

From the perspective of modern crushing mechanics, the crushing of the ore is due to its own energy density reaching a certain limit, and the crushing method of the ore is also related to the size of the crushing energy, that is, the shattered power of the steel ball is not greater, the better, the better Instead, under the effect of accurate crushing force, the broken cracks are separated along the crystal interface between the minerals to achieve the main purpose of the grinding. The size of the steel ball is too large, the broken force is large, and the ore grain is broken in the direction of the largest energy in the energy, rather than the crystal interface between the minerals. The broken behavior is not selective.

At the same time, excessive crushing power can also make minerals over -shatter, resulting in a reduction in the recovery rate of the mineral selection. This kind of crushing method is obviously not required by the grinding in the mineral selection; the size of the steel ball is too small and the broken force is insufficient, but the crushing behavior can not occur. Under the multiple effects, when the ore reaches the limit of fatigue, it is possible to cause crushing behavior. This crushing method will inevitably lead to poor abrasive effect and great energy consumption; Effective separation between mineral crystal interfaces occurs between the interface of minerals. This abrasive product is needed for the minerals, and the moderate crushing power is determined by the accuracy of the steel ball size. In short, steel balls affect the quality of abrasive products.

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