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Reasons and solutions for blockage of river pebble sand making machine

2023-05-08 11:07:08

Reasons and solutions for blockage of river pebble sand making machine

Reason 1: River pebbles have high water content

If the water content of river pebbles is too large, it may stick to the inner wall of the crushing cavity, resulting in material blockage.

Solution: At the material inlet, the river pebbles are pre-heated and dried.

Reason 2: The feeding speed is too fast

The feeding speed and the processing speed are not well coordinated. If the feeding is fast, the crushing is slow, and the discharge is too late, it will cause material blockage.

Solution: When feeding the sand making machine, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and continuity of the feeding, so as to reduce the problem of material blocking of the equipment.


Reason 3: The deflection angle of the ammeter pointer is large

When feeding, pay attention to the change of the pointer of the ammeter. Generally speaking, if the amount of feed is too large, the deflection angle of the pointer of the ammeter will be large, and if it is overloaded for a long time, the motor will be burned out.

Solution: If this happens, reduce or close the material door immediately, or increase the feeder to control the feeding amount, so as to prevent the sand making machine from blocking.

Reason 4: The tightness of the V-belt is not appropriate

The production process of the sand making machine is to transmit the power to the sheave by the V-belt, and then crush the stone. When the V-belt is loose, it will cause slippage, and it will rotate with the sheave instead of driving the sheave. The material cannot be subjected to the normal crushing force, and cannot be crushed in the crushing chamber, resulting in material blocking.

Solution: Check the tightness of the V-belt in time. If it is too tight or too loose, adjust it to the appropriate range in time.

Reason 5: The wear and tear of wearing parts is serious

The equipment has been used for a long time, and the parts are seriously worn, so that the river pebbles cannot be fully broken and discharged in time after entering the sand making machine, resulting in material blocking.

Solution: Regularly check the wear of the wearing parts, and when the wearing parts are severely worn, they must be replaced in time.

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