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Operation and maintenance of impact crusher

2023-04-21 11:33:23

Operation and maintenance of impact crusher

1. Before starting the machine in each shift, check whether the fastening bolts of each rotating part are loose or not. Once found, it should be eliminated immediately, and the bolts in the machine should be checked once a week.

2. The machine should feed the material evenly, and it is strictly forbidden for metal foreign objects to enter the machine. When the operator hears the metal knocking sound or sees the ammeter shows overload, etc., the operator should stop immediately. After the machine is safely stopped and the foreign objects are removed, check whether the relevant rotating parts are damaged. After confirming that they are normal, they can continue to start the machine.

3. The crusher starts under no-load condition, and it is allowed to stop when all the materials are crushed and discharged out of the machine.

4.Before starting for the first time and after running for a long time, the gap between the lower edge of the impact plate and the upper part of the blow bar must be checked.

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