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Machine-made sand is about to replace natural sand? What’s so good about machine-made sand?

2022-05-30 11:52:46

Machine-made sand is about to replace natural sand? What’s so good about machine-made sand?

In the past two years, with the continuous increase of environmental protection efforts, the traditional extensive sand and gravel enterprises have been shut down and rectified one after another, facing transformation and upgrading, and the production capacity of natural sand and gravel has also dropped sharply. As an important building material and concrete raw material, sand and gravel are widely used in the construction of houses and road engineering layers, and the market demand is huge. Machine-made sand, which is made by crushing and then grinding, is gradually becoming a substitute for natural sand and gravel, and the application of machine-made sand has become a global trend. So compared with various natural sand and gravel materials such as river sand, sea sand and mountain sand, what are the advantages of machine-made sand?

Natural sand: formed by natural conditions (mainly rock weathering), rock particles with a particle size below 5mm are called natural sand.

Machine-made sand: Particles of rock, mine tailings or industrial waste slag with a particle size of less than 4.7mm, made by mechanical crushing and screening after soil removal, but excluding soft and weathered particles.

Machine-made sand not only has a wide range of sources, stable materials, easy operation and control, good performance, can meet the needs of construction, and is economical and feasible, it is the development direction of the future construction market, and it is also very beneficial to the protection of the natural environment. With the layout and construction of the machine-made sand business and the further adjustment and optimization of the industrial structure by various enterprises, it has become the basic consensus of upstream and downstream enterprises to reduce or even completely say goodbye to the use of natural sand and gravel in the future. At present, there is still a relatively large gap in market demand. Whether it is for environmental protection or from the perspective of engineering quality, it is an inevitable trend to build and deploy artificial sand and machine-made sand on a large scale.

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