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How to extend the service life of jaw crusher’s tooth plate?

2021-09-17 14:36:48

How to extend the service life of jaw crusher’s tooth plate?

The jaw plate (tooth plate) is the part that directly contacts the material when the jaw crusher is working. In the process of crushing materials, the crushing teeth on the jaw plate are continuously squeezed, ground and impacted by the materials. The huge impact load and severe abrasion have caused the jaw plate to become the most wearable part in the process of jaw crushing.

Once the loss reaches a certain level, there will be phenomena such as increased power consumption. Replacement of the failure of the jaw plate means downtime, and even the entire production line is shut down for maintenance. Frequent replacement of the jaws will directly affect the production efficiency and economic benefits of the crushing plant. Therefore, understanding the factors that affect the wear of the jaw plate and prolonging its service life is a problem that many jaw crushers are very concerned about.

1. Reasons for the wear of the jaw plate

a.The contact between the jaw plate and the surface of the machine is not stable;

b.The speed of the eccentric shaft is too fast, and the crushed materials are too late to be removed, causing the crushing cavity to be blocked and the jaws to wear;

c.The nature of the material has changed, but the crusher has not been adjusted in time;

d.The included angle between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw is too large, exceeding the normal range;

e.The strength, wear resistance and resistance of the jaw plate are not good.

2. the solution to extend the jaw plate’s life

A.When installing the jaw plate, it must be installed and fixed tightly so that it is in smooth contact with the surface of the machine;

B.A layer of material with better plasticity can be placed between the jaw plate and the surface of the machine;

C.Each batch of materials entering the crusher must be randomly inspected. Once a relatively large change in the nature of the material is found, the parameters of the crusher must be changed in time to match the incoming material;

D.The jaw plate must be made of materials with high hardness, wear resistance and strong resistance, and high manganese steel is commonly used;

E.Cement companies with ore crushing production line technology can exchange the same type of worn jaws for coarse mine crushing and cement fine crushing, and the worn jaws can be repaired by surfacing welding.

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