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working principle of single-cylinder and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

2022-05-03 17:39:12

working principle of single-cylinder and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The motor drives the horizontal shaft to rotate, the horizontal shaft drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the gear, and then the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to swing in a circle, thereby realizing continuous extrusion and crushing of materials.

By adjusting the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the moving cone, the moving cone can move up and down so as to easily adjust the size of the discharge port and the particle size of the product. At the same time, the hydraulic cylinder also provides iron-passing protection function. When there is an unbreakable object (such as iron block) entering the crushing cavity, the hydraulic cylinder automatically makes the moving cone fall, releases the iron block, and protects the crusher. After the foreign object is discharged, the moving cone automatically recovers. , The equipment returns to working state and continues to do normal crushing.

multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The movable crushing cone is driven by the eccentric sleeve to make a swing motion, which drives the crushing wall (mantle) to squeeze and grind the material between the mantle & concave. According to the lamination theory, the material is subjected to forces in multiple directions, and is broken according to its own texture. And be ground to form stable stone particles, which meet the discharge requirements and fall from the swing gap of the mantle, and the rest of the materials continue to be crushed to meet the requirements.

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