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Shaker does not start! Why?

2022-03-14 15:33:56

Shaker does not start! Why?

01 power supply

First check whether it is a power supply or motor failure. If it is a motor failure, you can replace the old motor; The assembly line of the vibrating screen is composed of centralized control circuits. When some components are damaged, new components should be replaced in time; Sometimes the voltage is unstable, and the voltage at startup is lower than the rated voltage, which is prone to failure. It is necessary to ensure that the voltage is stable during the working process of the vibrating screen.

02 shaker

The vibrating screen uses the vibration principle of the exciter to realize the screening of materials. When the exciter fails and cannot be powered on normally, the equipment cannot be started. When the vibration exciter parts are working, it is necessary to ensure a good lubrication state, and professional and efficient lubricating grease is required. If the lubricating grease thickens, solidifies, and agglomerates, it will not have the proper lubrication function. It is necessary to check and replace the appropriate lubrication oil in time.

03 The vibrating screen equipment itself

Check whether the vibrating screen equipment itself is faulty. Because the supply flow of the vibrating screen varies greatly, if it exceeds the specified feeding value, the material will be blocked on the screen surface. When the material accumulates to a certain amount, the vibrating screen will be blocked. The workload becomes larger, which makes it impossible to start normally. To deal with such a problem, it is necessary to clean the screen to ensure that the screen can be screened smoothly.

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