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Product Highlights of Heavy-Duty Impact Crusher

2022-07-20 11:04:16

Product Highlights of Heavy-Duty Impact Crusher

1. The heavy-duty impact plate design is adopted, and the hydraulic opening device adjusts the opening, which can withstand greater crushing impact and keep the product stable.

2. The heavy-duty rotor design is adopted, the plate hammer seat is thick and strong, and the huge moment of inertia and impact crushing force make the crushing ratio larger and the product grain shape better.

3. The shape of the “boat-shaped” blow bar is consistent with the wear trend, which is beneficial to the improvement of the life of the blow bar and the stability of the product particle size; the blow bar and the rotor are in contact with the machining surface to ensure the firmness of the blow bar, thereby effectively preventing the blow bar from breaking. The plate hammer adopts locking device, which is simple, reliable and easy to install.

4. The modular design of wear parts is adopted to minimize the inventory of wear parts and improve the utilization rate of wear parts, and the replacement is convenient. Standard liner can cover 80% of impact crusher.

5. The high-quality welding technology is annealed to ensure that the shell, rotor body and impact plate can withstand greater crushing impact and obtain better crushing effect.

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