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Mobile Hammer Crusher

2024-07-01 17:27:07

Mobile Hammer Crusher

Mobile heavy hammer crusher is a semi-trailer-pulled stone crushing machine, which can also be called mobile hammer crusher or mobile hammer crusher. As the name suggests, this machine is a stone crushing machine upgraded from the traditional hammer crusher. One device plays multiple roles and meets multiple needs. It is placed on a vehicle, which is more flexible, highly intelligent, easy to operate, and has many manufacturers. It is cost-effective and is one of the machines that all sand and gravel companies focus on and invest in.

Structural composition

The mobile hammer crusher is mainly composed of a vibrating feeder, a hammer crusher, a circular vibrating screen, a conveyor, etc., and is supplemented by tires, trailers, feeder brackets, legs, generator sets, belt conveyor brackets, iron removers, belt conveyors and other equipment.

Application areas

After the large stones go in, they can be directly turned into small stones, and the one-time forming meets the user’s production standards. Various coarse, medium and fine crushing specifications can be freely adjusted, suitable for more than 200 kinds of materials, and have excellent performance in working conditions where relocation operations are often required, such as roads, railways, and building materials.

Product Features

1. Mature modular design and flexible transition: The new modular integrated unit design occupies a small area, coupled with the vehicle-mounted tire-type device drive and folding structure, the equipment in each link can be retracted and retracted freely, and the semi-trailer can be driven directly to the work site, making the transition more flexible and fast, without the need to transport raw materials over long distances, and suitable for various ground surfaces.

2. High efficiency and intelligence, worry-free and labor-saving operation: The PLC control system is used for centralized control, the touch screen display monitors the production status of the equipment at any time, the operation is smooth and fast, and the special crushing technology is used, which can be formed in one time, with higher work efficiency, and the finished stone after treatment has fewer impurities, uniform particle size, and improved utilization rate.

3. Green and environmentally friendly: The mobile heavy hammer crusher has strong overall sealing, a self-circulating system, and an additional dust removal, noise reduction, and spraying device on the outside. The green and environmental protection is clear at a glance, and it has passed the environmental protection evaluation.

4. Oil and electricity dual-use: In addition to the built-in generator, it is also equipped with a special high-efficiency diesel generator, which can switch the energy supply mode freely, and use whichever is convenient. In case of sudden power outages or at night, it can still maintain stable performance without compromising efficiency.

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