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Long-distance conveyor design principles

2023-02-27 16:19:21

Long-distance conveyor design principles

Today, let’s introduce the design principles of long-distance belt conveyors.

Compared with conventional belt conveyors, long-distance belt conveyors need to be optimized according to actual conditions during the design process due to their long conveying distance, high power, many turns, large wear, and large undulating terrain. It is quite different from conventional belt conveyors in plane turning, belt turning, protection measures, driving devices, etc.

During the design process of the long-distance belt conveyor, in line with the principle of improving equipment reliability and reducing project cost, factors such as terrain conditions, installation difficulty, maintenance operability, power supply and water supply layout, and civil engineering are considered at the same time. Long-distance belt conveyors are mainly arranged along river valleys with gentle terrain, avoiding villages and towns, existing buildings, steep mountains, waters, and areas with harsh geological conditions along the way, while minimizing the occupation of cultivated land and not destroying the local ecological environment .

Most of the conveyor system is in the form of steel structure overhead trestles, which cross valleys, highways, rivers and other facilities along the way. The overhead height meets the national limit requirements and does not affect the construction of original facilities and road traffic. The belt conveyor is sealed with color steel plates throughout the whole process, and the materials are not exposed to be conveyed throughout the process, and are not affected by weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow, and dust and noise pollution are avoided. There are transfer stations, driving stations and substations in the transmission system, which are located as close to the road as possible and near the intersection with the existing road, which is convenient for installation, transportation and daily maintenance.

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