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Installation and technical measures of belt conveyor

2022-02-14 13:28:41

Installation and technical measures of belt conveyor

1. The main body installation sequence of the belt conveyor

The installation sequence of the main body should be to install the head frame first, then the middle frame of each section, and finally install the tail frame. Before installing the rack, the center position of the conveyor should be determined, and all the working centers of the conveyor should be in a straight line.

In the process of installing each frame, the longitudinal center position of the conveying distance should be consistent, and the longitudinal and horizontal inclination angle must be within the allowable range.

The error range of the single-row rack to the center line should be plus or minus 0.1mm, and the error to the center of the rack over the entire length of the conveyor should also be less than 35mm. After ensuring that the placement of all single-section racks is correct, all parts can be connected. After the connection is completed, the firmness of the installation and the accuracy of the center position should be checked.

2. Installation of the drive unit

It should be determined first that the drive shaft of the belt conveyor and the center line of the belt conveyor are in a vertical state, and ensure that the center line of the conveyor and the center of the width of the driving drum are overlapped, and the traditional axis and the axis of the reducer should also be are in a parallel state.

Also, all shafts and rollers should be leveled first to ensure good operation without load and power. The horizontal error range of the shaft should be within 0.5-1.5mm.

In the process of installing the driving device, the corresponding tensioning device can also be installed at the same time, and the center line of the belt conveyor and the axis of the roller of the tensioning device should also be in a vertical state.

3. Installation of rollers in various parts

This step is an important part of the installation of the belt conveyor, which has an important impact on the working efficiency and service life of the belt conveyor.

After installing the frame, the transmission device and the tensioning device in succession, the operation of installing the idler frame and the upper and lower idlers should be carried out. It should be half of the normal roller frame. After installation, it should be ensured that it has sufficient flexibility and reliability.

4. Various debugging work after installation

In the process of installing the frame, drum and idler, the following conditions should also be met:

(1) All the rollers should be kept in a parallel state and arranged in a row with each other;

(2) All idlers should also be kept in a horizontal and parallel state, and arranged in a row with each other;

(3) After the preparatory work in the current period is completed, the rack can be installed on the floor or foundation, and after the belt conveyor is fixed, the feeding device and the unloading device can be installed;

(4) All supporting structure frames should be kept horizontally parallel and in a straight state, so when the process of installing the driving roller and the idler frame is completed, the horizontal position and center position of the conveyor should be corrected immediately.

5. Idling test machine

It is also necessary to carry out the operation of the idling test machine in advance to ensure that the work of the conveyor belt is not deviated, and at the same time, the running rules of the idler, the contact degree between the surface of the conveyor belt and the guide plate, and the operating temperature of the driving part and other parameters It should also meet the requirements of use. Necessary debugging work must be carried out, and the test machine can be run only after all confirmations are correct.

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