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Gyratory crusher

2023-03-27 17:06:29

Gyratory crusher

Gyratory crusher is a vertical compound crusher, also known as a compound crusher, which is a machine for crushing production lines and sand making production lines.

The upper end of the main shaft with the crushing cone is supported in the bushing in the middle of the beam, and its lower end is placed in the eccentric hole of the shaft sleeve. When the shaft sleeve rotates, the crushing cone moves eccentrically around the center line of the machine, and its crushing action is continuous, so the working efficiency is higher than that of the jaw crusher. By the early 1970s, large gyratory crushers could process 5,000 tons of materials per hour, and the maximum feeding diameter could reach 2,000 mm.

The gyratory crusher adopts two methods to realize the adjustment of the discharge opening and overload insurance: one is to adopt a mechanical method, and there is an adjustment nut on the upper end of the main shaft. When the adjustment nut is rotated, the crushing cone can be lowered or raised, so that the discharge opening will be adjusted accordingly. Larger or smaller, when overloaded, the insurance is achieved by cutting off the safety pin on the transmission pulley; the second type is a hydraulic gyratory crusher that adopts a hydraulic method, and its main shaft is located on the plunger in the hydraulic cylinder, changing the plunger down The volume of hydraulic oil can change the up and down position of the crushing cone, thereby changing the size of the discharge port. When overloaded, the downward pressure of the main shaft increases, forcing the hydraulic oil under the plunger to enter the accumulator in the hydraulic transmission system, so that the crushing cone is lowered to enlarge the discharge port, and the non- Broken objects (ironware, wood blocks, etc.) to achieve insurance.

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