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Belt deviation fault and treatment

2022-01-04 11:18:35

Belt deviation fault and treatment

Belt misalignment means that the belt deviates from the center line during operation of belt conveyor. This failure will aggravate the wear of the belt and reduce the service life of the belt, and it will also cause the belt to have material spattering problems. For this kind of failure, the main cause must be found and dealt with. According to the statistics of a large number of belt deviation faults, it can be found that the main reasons for belt deviation are as follows:

(1)The belt conveyor has quality problems. The axis of the driving roller and the driven roller of the belt are not parallel, which leads to deviations when the belt is running.

(2)The installation position of the belt conveyor deviates too much from the design position. For example, the center line of the roller and the belt is not strictly vertical, which leads to the deviation of the belt.

(3)There are too many coal seams on the belt conveyor idler. Because the coal dust on the idler is not evenly distributed, there is a certain height difference between the two sides of the idler, and there will be deviation problems during operation.

The deviation problem caused by the quality problem of the belt conveyor can be corrected by replacing some of the rollers, and the deviation problem caused by the excessive coal seam on the roller can be corrected by cleaning the coal dust on the roller.

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