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Home ABOUT UNIQUE Corporate Overview Contrast between new sand making machine and used sand making machine

Contrast between new sand making machine and used sand making machine

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    Now sand production line is a popular industrial production line, the contribution to the industry is also very large. Investors also followed the increase, which for the development of industry and industry is a more important thing. Many users in the choice of time because of funding reasons to consider the choice of second-hand sand machine equipment. Used sand production line equipment in the price of a little advantage, but in terms of quality and after-sale are not guaranteed. Following Ya machinery to analyze the sand making machine for the comprehensive analysis.

    Followed by capacity issues, because the equipment obsolete, so the capacity has been unable to meet the daily use standards. If the user before the daily maintenance and maintenance done is not in place, then it is easy to cause the equipment to buy back after the production process often failure. Maintenance not only affect the use, but also make sand machine equipment user investment costs invisible increase. When it comes to the use of fault later I have to tell you about the sand making machine customer service problems, different from the sand making machine manufacturers are selling second-hand sand equipment people can not guarantee the customer service of your machine, and the mechanical performance of the equipment and the technology is relatively old, so the machine in the course of the problems in need to solve. And you do not know the daily use of equipment, more to consider this point should be considered.



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